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Enhancing the Performance Pathway

Enhancing the Performance Pathway

 Enhancing the Performance Pathway

by James Skitt - 18.01.13

A new education programme aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of those working with elite developing athletes has been launched by the UK Talent Team (a collaboration between UK Sport and the English Institute of Sport [EIS]).

Following a successful  Masterclass series pilot,  the UK Talent Team are launching the Performance Pathway Programme (PPP), which is targeting individuals who oversee the identification, confirmation and development of future medal winners within Olympic World Class Programmes.

The programme, shaped in partnership with sports, is set to reflect on an array of intelligence and insights gleaned from the London cycle and the Talent Team.

Seven two-day residential workshops over an 18-month period will aim to lift participants knowledge and skills on bespoke topics concerning the developing athlete in a dynamic learning environment, with attendees benefiting from advice and guidance from world leading experts in the field of performance development.

Designed to provide an opportunity to those from UK Sport-funded sports, the PPP will be available to just 12 ‘Performance Pathway’/ ‘Olympic Development Managers’ in its inaugural year – a size designed to ensure an optimal learning environment is achieved.

Chelsea Warr, Head of Athlete Development at UK Sport, said: “The PPP is a bespoke learning and development programme designed to support those who attend in their endeavours to build a more effective, sustainable and evidenced-based 8–10 year pathway which spans from Home Nation Performance Foundation activity through to success on the international stage.

Our attendees should expect to be challenged yet encouraged across the series of residential workshops which will help participants gain a more comprehensive and deeper level of understanding of the development of exceptional sporting talent.”

We are very much looking forward to the launch of the programme in May 2013.”

If you have any queries relating to the programme please contact Alex Stacey, UK Sport Athlete Development Co-ordinator alex.stacey@uksport.gov.uk


The UK Talent Team combines EIS and UK Sport expertise to identify world class talent.

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