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Maintaining Nutrition Goals at Christmas

Maintaining Nutrition Goals at Christmas


The Christmas period can be a challenging time for many to maintain regular eating habits and nutrition goals.  Whether with family or friends, almost all Christmas gatherings have a focus on food meaning many of us over eat at this time of year.

Christmas is only one day of the year and should be a day off that is enjoyed!  One or two days of Christmas eating is unlikely to affect your nutrition goals, but repeatedly adding in additional snacks and treats without adjusting meal intakes will have a negative impact.

Christmas should not be a challenging time if sensible consideration and planning is implemented. English Institute of Sport Performance Nutritionist Emma Gardner has given us some tips to help maintain your nutrition goals at Christmas:

Influence the influencers!

Emma says: "The people around you can have a big impact on your nutrition. Whether it’s a family member or a friend, make them aware of your nutrition goals and aims. If they are aware of your targets they are much more likely to think twice before offering you that extra serve of dessert or pressure you in to doing what others around you are doing."

Eat Breakfast

Emma says: "Ensure you have a good breakfast before going to Christmas dinners/buffets so you don’t arrive hungry – Christmas gatherings are filled with tempting treats which you are likely to snack on if you arrive hungry.  Add a protein source at breakfast which will also help to fill you."

Don’t skip meals

Emma says: "Avoid skipping meals and try to eat regularly to avoid over eating in one big meal.  Fasting or skipping meals leads to excessive hunger and you are more likely to make poor choices.

Choose wisely

Emma says: "Whether at a buffet or a Christmas dinner base your meals around lean protein options and vegetables/salad. Take the time to browse and see what is on offer first so you don’t fill your plate with poor choices from picking at impulse.

"If the food is a buffet try not to linger by the food so you are not tempted to graze through conversation! See the food swaps at the bottom of the article to help you choose the wiser choice."

Consider empty calories

Emma says: "Be aware of consuming too many empty calories such as those in alcohol.  Alcohol is calorie dense and when drank in excess reduces will power meaning you are more likely to succumb into eating tempting foods!  Having a drink at Christmas time is fine, just ensure you hydrate between drinks and don’t swap alcohol for food."

Christmas Dinner Swaps

SWAP turkey legs/thighs and skin FOR turkey breast

Turkey is a lean meat but the darker leg and thigh meat can have a higher fat content especially with the skin on. 

SWAP roast potatoes FOR new potatoes

Roast potatoes, although appetizing are high in fat. Choose steamed, boiled or baked potatoes which are a much better choice.

SWAP cauliflower cheese FOR boiled or steamed vegetables

Added cheese is added calories.  Make the simple swap and add some herbs to your vegetables for added flavour.

SWAP small roast potatoes/parsnips FOR large ones!

If you cant make the swap for a boiled or steamed version then opt for a larger roast potato or parsnip and limit the number, rather than a number of small ones.  Large roast potatoes and parsnips absorb less fat and are therefore the more sensible choice.

SWAP gravy FOR bread sauce/fruit sauces

Fruit sauces such as cranberry, chutneys, pickles and jams contain no fat.  Limit your gravy intake and add some fruit sauce/jelly to add moisture to the dish.

SWAP meat stuffing FOR chestnut or fruit based stuffing

Chestnuts are low in fat and a good source of potassium. Choose a chestnut or fruit-based stuffing instead of sausage meat.

SWAP brandy butter sauce FOR low fat custard

Brandy butter sauce is high in fat.  Swap for a low fat custard to save a few extra calories!



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