Eat like a champion

By Lucy Lomax | 17/06/2016

Ever wondered what elite athletes eat? Well, thanks to a collaboration between the National Lottery and the English Institute of Sport (EIS) 40 healthy, delicious, nutritionally balanced and easy to prepare recipes have been developed as part of campaign which can be viewed at

The Food Champions project aims to share the eating habits and refuelling secrets of professional sportspeople with the public and takes the expertise which informs the dietary regimes of elite athletes’ and apply it to everyday lifestyles.

The recipes focus on eight sports and are designed to deliver the necessary ‘nutritional outcomes’ that food needs to provide to help athletes improve performance in those sports.

The National Lottery, which funds more than 1,300 athletes across the UK and contributes to funding the EIS, has named a number of the recipes after some of those athletes in honour of their dedication to their sport.  They include:

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