Page hails help of ‘Time of Flight’ analysis

By Lucy Lomax | 20/04/2017

British Trampolinist and Olympic medallist Bryony Page has hailed the impact of a measurement tool that aided her training ahead of the Games last year.

Page, who produced a stunning performance to claim an individual silver medal in Rio, accesses a range of English Institute of Sport (EIS) support services as part of her British Gymnastics programme based at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.

That support includes Performance Analysis, which ahead of the Games had been working on a number of different areas to support the team, as EIS Performance Analyst Claire Williams explains.

“My role is to provide the data behind performance, identifying the strengths and potential areas of improvement within the team.”

“With trampolining in particular we were using a measurement system which looked at time of flight to see where the athletes could make potential gains.”

“This is positioned underneath the trampoline bed and measures the amount of time an athlete spends in the air, enabling each skill to have a flight time, which is added up over the course of a routine and is fed into the score a gymnast receives so it’s very important.

“By using this in training we’ve been able to monitor and see where individual skills might improve an athletes’ time of flight.”

And Page, who recently spoke in depth about her EIS support, believes it helped in her preparations for competition.

“The graphs that are completed are so detailed. We can quickly and easily see where are improvements can be made” she says.

“Having the statistical analysis and visualisation of what’s going on alongside our video feedback has been a massive improvement and it’s definitely helped to be able to get the scores we can get.”