EIS hosts World Class Pathway Coach Accelerator Programme

By Lucy Lomax | 13/02/2018

In January, the EIS Performance Pathways team hosted the second learning event of their World Class Pathway Coach Accelerator Programme (PCAP) at St George’s Park, designed to support coaches and coach developers in creating world-class athlete curricula, and developmentally appropriate, psychologically informed learning environments.

The programme seeks to work closely with World Class funded sports that are preparing to launch new athlete curricula within their pathway.

PCAP is a field-based development programme, with a Technical Mentor supporting the work of coaches and coach developers in each sport. The Technical Mentor is an expert coach developer with significant knowledge and skills in supporting coaches in a wide variety of sports and contexts.

Every three to four months, nominated coaches and coach developers from each participating sport are brought together to explore shared performance problems. Given the experimental, problem-based nature of the learning programme, learners typically work in small groups and take more ownership over their learning than in traditional classroom approaches.

Adam Greaves, Coaching Team Coordinator at UK Sport said: ‘The latest PCAP gathering provided a great opportunity to reconnect with the cohort and start to explore some real-world challenges we face every day. Having the opportunity to discuss some challenges within the group and then build it into a case study which was then played out in front of the rest of the group enabled me to see, in action, some of the consistent issues which are present across a number of sports as well as understand some of the different perspectives from which different people may approach them.

“The two days also reinforced for me that every interaction is, and should be, meaningful as well as providing some areas to contemplate around what should be considered in trying to provide an environment in which people can thrive.”

PCAP was launched back in September 2017 and is currently in its foundation phase.

For more information on the Pathway Coach Accelerator Programme please email Andrew Gillott at .