‘Impact – Communicating your Message’: Practitioners take part in CPD event designed to help communication

By Lucy Lomax | 10/07/2018

Over the recent months, the EIS has put on a series of CPD workshops designed to help strength and conditioning and performance analysis practitioners to communicate effectively, focussing specifically on landing the message with fellow practitioners, athletes and coaches.

The session was run by Conference and Event Producer Andy Oswin and former professional rugby player Nigel Redman.

The workshop is designed to highlight how we communicate in everyday life and the knock-on effect this may have to delivery and practice, whether that is delivering a presentation, speaking privately to someone or communicating with coaches and other people in the high-performance system.

Nigel Redman said after the third and final workshop: “We communicate in all walks of life; every day you are presenting from the moment you step out of your front door. It’s important that people realise we all communicate in different ways and today we have provided a platform which allows people to not only appreciate this but act upon suggested techniques around communication and presenting.

Julia Wells, EIS Head of Performance Analysis said: “Having the expertise of Nigel and Andy was invaluable. The role of a performance analyst is to capture, analyse and feedback on performance that impacts on decision making in the coaching process.

“Therefore, landing the message with the coach and athlete is a fundamental and crucial part of the performance analyst’s role and we need to execute this exceptionally well.

“There were quite a few tools included in the workshops which staff can now adopt from these sessions and use to help develop their communication skills. Over the next 6-12 months it will be great to see and hear of the application of these skills to their work day to day.

“In this discipline, we are presenting ourselves all the time and our practitioners have learnt how preparation is key and practice, practice and practice! Also smile and be authentic- you can only be you and enjoy!”

Tom Hull, EIS S&C coach with Canoe Slalom said: “It’s was really interesting to hear the experiences and stories from Andy and Nigel and there are many messages to take back into the day to day. I found the talk really engaging, from thought-provoking videos to more general advice- there was definitely a lot of information to take on board which directly transfers into our roles as practitioners.”

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