Pave the Way: Providing role models to young women in sport

By Lucy Lomax | 10/08/2018

Pave the Way is a project set up by Manchester professional boxer, Stacey Copeland, in partnership with Greater Sport Manchester and Parrs Wood High School.

The goal of the project is to pave the way for girls and women to realise their full potential through sport. The aim is to do this by providing strong female role models for girls and women to aspire to, and to champion and highlight the important role of women in sport. It’s about challenging stereotypes and encouraging women and girls to engage in sports and have an active lifestyle.

EIS Senior Physiologist Laura Needham is an ambadassador for the campaign and said: “Pave the Way is an inspirational project and I’ve never met anyone like Stacey her constant drive and ambition to encourage women is amazing! She is a real credit to the sporting community, and I am honoured to play a very small part in an wonderful project.”

Pave the Way currently have an exhibition running in the Manchester velodrome, where British Cycling’s world class cycling programme trains on the same track as grass roots participants, with photographs of inspirational women in the Manchester area, who aim to encourage young women to participate in sport whether that be through physical activity or working in sport.

For more information around Pave the Way please visit the Pave the Way Facebook page.

Photo credit: Nigel Maitland