EIS roundup: Video analysis forum, PL webinar, Performance Pathway programme & academic publication

By Lucy Lomax | 09/11/2018

It’s been another busy period for EIS practitioners over the past three weeks with a video analysis workshop, contribution to a chapter in a journal article, Performance Lifestyle webinar with a leading researcher, plus the latest instalments of the female athlete health roadshow and Performance Pathways workshop.

On Thursday 1st November, British Judo hosted a ‘Collective Brilliance’ session at the British Judo Centre of Excellence in Walsall.

This session was focused on ‘Video Analysis in the Coaching Process’ and was led by Julia Wells, EIS Head of Performance Analysis, Jurg Gotz, former Head Coach of British Canoeing’s Olympic programme and Sebastien Dubois from Dartfish.

Key themes and topics that came out of the session included: looking at the balance between video and data analysis; learning faster than the opposition; right hand of the coach “landing the message”; simple and easily shared solutions and looking to the future to use technology more in the coaching process and give more time for hands-on coaching.

Chris Barry, EIS Technical Lead & Performance Analyst at British Judo said: “This was an excellent opportunity for coaches and practitioners from a variety of sports and backgrounds to share examples of how video has been used well and what challenges they have faced with this.

“There was an additional aspirational focus on what could be done in the future with regards to video integration into coaching. All of this process was directed at providing more time to spend doing hands-on coaching with the right information available to make the right decisions.”

Co-head of Physiology Emma Ross, Performance Innovation Consultant and Physiology PhD student Luke Gupta and Biomechanics Technical Lead Liam Sanders contributed to Chapter 12 of ‘Sport and the Brain: The Science of Preparing, Enduring and Winning, Part C’ with the chapter titled ‘When research leads to learning, but not action in high performance sport’. If you would like to get access to the journal, click here.


On Tuesday 23rd of October the EIS Performance Lifestyle team hosted a webinar with David Lavallee, Professor of Duty of Care in Sport of Abertay University, Dundee.

This webinar aimed to inform practitioners about recent research carried out by Professor Lavallee and the National Rugby League (NRL) in Australia. The research has recently looked at the impact of engagement in a career planning program and the effect it has on players, clubs and the NRL overall.

To read more about the webinar and the potential impact of Professor Lavallee’s results, please click here.

On Wednesday 7th November, the EIS hosted female athlete workshop on their roadshow with a packed room at Bisham. The day involved presentations from EIS Co-Head of Physiology Emma Ross, EIS Senior Sports Physician Anita Biswas and EIS Physiology Technical Lead Richard Burden.

The Performance Pathway team delivered workshop 5 of the Performance Pathway Programme (P3).

Pathway managers spent time exploring the connections between curriculum and environments and how that plays out in their own sport. Learners were challenged to explore how their own mental models of what “good/bad looks like” shapes their own judgements and practice as leaders in their sports.