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EIS’s Glenn Hunter leads Performance Design event at Leaders Sport Performance Summit

EIS’s Glenn Hunter leads Performance Design event at Leaders Sport Performance Summit

james Platt | 20 November 2019

Glenn Hunter, Performance Innovation Consultant at the English Institute of Sport (EIS), has led a panel discussion on creating an experiential high-performance environment at the Leaders Sport Performance Summit at Twickenham.

Heading up a panel featuring Sam Erith, Head of Sports Science at Manchester City and Roger Kneebone, Director of Surgical Education & Engagement Science at Imperial College London, Glenn outlined his thoughts on how to design meaningful experiences in sport that can have a positive impact on performance and behaviour.

Glenn is part of the EIS Performance Innovation team which deploys world-leading technology, engineering and research in science and medicine to help British athletes gain improvements in performance.

The EIS presence at the Leaders Sport Performance Summit was part of the ongoing relationship between both organisations, recognising shared insight, knowledge and innovation across elite sport.

Presenting to an audience of industry leaders from across the sporting world, Glenn Hunter said:

“All experiences are transformative – they change people and allow them to adapt. The challenge in high-performance sport is to keep designing new experiences that can engage athletes and coaches, turning ordinary into great.

“In the dynamic environment of sport, you must continue improvising to create performance experiences that are authentic and appeal to the values of different people. By doing this, you are helping those people to stay ahead of the competition and be true to who they are.”

The Performance Design event at Twickenham was part of the Leaders two-day Sport Performance Summit, bringing together the global sports community to discuss insights and challenges around what it takes to win.