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Performance Analysis Forum: Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Performance Analysis Forum: Stop, Collaborate and Listen

EIS | 04 October 2018

The English Institute of Sport (EIS) Performance Analysis forum took place on Tuesday and Wednesday (2-3 October) with collaboration a key theme throughout.

The EIS Performance Analysis (PA) team came together and were joined by colleagues from other home country sport institutes and partners at UK Sport. Day one was focused around the profiling of the PA team themselves, this was led by Kate Hays, EIS Head of Psychology.

With some analysts new to the organisation, it was an ideal opportunity for the team to improve their understanding of themselves, learn how to get the best out of each other, and crucially learn more about working under pressure.


A crucial element of an analyst’s role in elite sport is down to how they communicate in high pressure situations and getting their message across clearly and quickly as possible.

The forum was hosted at the SBG Sports Software offices in Manchester. It also provided a platform for SBG to showcase their work in motor sports and experience in live analysis.

The second day saw presentations from members of the team, including those who work with cycling, taekwondo and canoe-sprint. Colleagues from sportscotland institute of sport and Sport Wales also spoke, as did SBG and the UK Sport Intelligence Team.


Julia Wells, EIS Head of Performance Analysis, said: “The theme across the two days was collaboration. This was evident throughout with members of the team connecting, problem solving and moving forward together – that’s the strength of the EIS system.

“Having the opportunity to get the team together is always vital. With the Olympics and Paralympics less than two years away these forums are vital in our preparations.”