Our Standards and Achievements

Times 100 Best Companies

For the fourth year running the English Institute of Sport has been recognised as one of The Sunday Times 100 Best Not-For-Profit organisations to work for, placed at 56th on the list in 2018.

Some key findings included:
• 90% of staff agreed: “I feel that my manager talks openly and honestly with me”
• 88% of staff agreed: “This job is good for my own personal growth”
• 95% of staff agreed: “I believe I can make a valuable contribution to the success of this organisation”

Inclusion is based on employee surveys and Best Companies accreditation ranks employers from across the UK, recognising high levels of employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Employees are asked to rate the organisation in eight factors of workplace engagement, including leadership, the company itself and personal growth.

Feedback from this process also highlighted areas where we could improve and we are now engaging in conversations across the organisation to establish plans to improve things still further to ensure we continue to be seen as the employer of choice for people who wish to work in elite sport.


The EIS is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare   of young people that use its services. Our focus is to ensure EIS exhibits best practice and consistency where safeguarding is concerned and that all safeguarding issues are treated seriously.

The EIS has made significant progress in its journey through the Standards for Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport.  In 2012 we achieved the Preliminary standard and in 2014 we achieved Intermediate Standard.

EIS has:

  • Two trained safeguarding officers who are skilled in this area and can advise the business accordingly
  • A reporting procedure to ensure that any safeguarding concerns or issues can be safely and swiftly reported and acted upon.
  • A Safeguarding Code of Conduct which all employees, students and contractors have to adhere to which reinforces good practice and sets out the organisation’s expectations around working with young people
  • Appropriate checks in place for those staff working with young people
    An online training module which all employees must complete as part of their Induction
  • A leaflet for parents and athletes which explains our commitment and stance towards protecting young people who use our services.


The EIS is committed to promoting equality, eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimisation and promoting good relations.

The EIS has made significant progress in its journey through the Standards for Equality in Sport. It has achieved both Foundation and Preliminary standards and is currently working towards Intermediate.

EIS has:

  • A dedicated equality lead and board champion
  • A firm equality plan focused on embedding equality into the culture of the organisation
  • An equality profile of the organisation and a commitment to increase representation from protected groups
  • A fair, transparent and inclusive recruitment process
  • An online training module which all employees must complete as part of their Induction
  • Equality impact assessments for all new and reviewed policies and procedures
  • A suite of family friendly policies.


EIS takes a firm stance on anti-doping and fully supports the position that doping in sport is cheating, fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport, endangers the health of athletes and undermines the otherwise positive impact of sport on society.

EIS asks its staff to support the UK National Anti-Doping Policy and familiarise themselves with the roles and responsibilities expected of them as Athlete Support Personnel (ASP) outlined in the 2015 WADA Code.

EIS also has:

  • A Code of Conduct that all staff and contractors must sign which outlines the EIS’s stance on anti-doping and sets out our expectations of staff.
  • A requirement for all front line and operational staff who may be working with athletes to complete the UKAD Online Advisor Training course as part of their Induction.