Our Values and Competencies

Our values

Our vision is to be the World leading Institute of High Performance Sport.

Our purpose is to increase the probability of an athlete being successful, by improving sporting performance through science, medicine and technology.

We have three key values which are part of everything that we do and which drive us forward, they are:

  • Innovation – always a step ahead
    Culture of questioning, exploration and new opportunities
    Making it happen
    Encourage the application of evidence based projects and ideas
  • Collaboration – always focused on the common goal
    Effective communication across the organisation and wider
    Collective excellence – sharing knowledge, opinions, ideas, technology, experiences
    Inclusive culture – everyone is respected and valued for their contribution
  • Excellence – being the best we can
    Pushing boundaries
    Promoting and challenging global best practice
    Developing ourselves
    Reflecting and constantly improving
    Continual personal and professional development

Our competencies

We have a competency framework for each of our disciplines/departments which clearly sets out what we expect from our staff at the different levels within our organisation. We use the relevant part of the competency framework for both recruitment and development.

Our job descriptions and person specifications go some way to reflecting our competency frameworks by setting out what levels of qualification, experience, knowledge and skills we expect for that role. When we choose the right candidate for a role, we map them against the competency framework to be clear on where they should be positioned for salary. We also take into account where other members of the existing team are positioned to ensure consistency of application.

We have set spine points for salary against the competency framework and this and the mapped level dictate our offers to new candidates. We publish the competency level of the job and the appropriate salary ranges on our adverts.  We rarely negotiate salary and it is not our practice to appoint any higher than the salary advertised.