Read what some of the athletes and coaches we work with and our employees have to say about the English Institute of Sport.
At the EIS we strive to be seen as the employer of choice for people who wish to work in elite sport. Here is what some of the athletes and coaches we work with and our employees have to say about us.

“The enjoyment for my job comes from the people I work with and being part of a team that has a common goal and being involved in an environment which is filled with motivated athletes and practitioners. This network of practitioners at the EIS also acts as a support system which when you have a specific problem or challenge enables you to call upon that network of expertise to find a solution.”
Dawn Ibrahim, EIS Paralympic Technical Lead

“Everybody at the EIS does their part and goes the extra mile and that’s what makes the EIS and their staff so special. Everybody is trying to be the best they can be to help the athletes be the best that they can be.”
Bryony Page, Trampolining Olympic silver medallist

“What I really appreciate about working at the EIS is that they really look out for their employees and when I first started my line manager proactively asked me how I wanted to develop myself and my knowledge while I was in the job, which was something I had never experienced before.”
Sascha Haans, Sport Psychologist with the Paralympic Shooting Team

“Getting the right support staff from the EIS has been an important factor in the success of boxing’s World Class Performance Programme. We’ve always had a positive relationship with the EIS and their fantastic practitioners have played a big role in what we’ve achieved over the last few years.”
Rob McCraken, GB Boxing Performance Director

“I remember sitting down with one of my tutors at university and asking them what I needed to do in order to one-day work for the English Institute of Sport and be part of Team GB at the Olympics. I was told I needed a lot of experience in addition to a Masters degree in Sports Nutrition. Fast forward a couple of years and I’ve finally secured a Performance Nutrition internship with the EIS where I’ve been learning from the best practitioners in the country. Incredibly excited as to where this might take me and what parts of the world I may get to see. Here’s to becoming the best performance nutritionist I can become.”
Pete Bell, EIS Performance Nutrition Intern

“Everyone who is part of the team is essential for physically keeping me fit and mentally keeping me going. It’s so relieving to know that there are so many experts on my team that have my back and I certainly couldn’t do it without them.”
Lizzy Yarnold, Double Olympic champion, Skeleton

“The EIS is a great place to work because of the continual learning and developmental opportunities they provide. They support my learning such as booking me on to courses around the areas I feel I need to improve. I realise I’m in a very privileged position as in my role you’re working as a practitioner with a sport but you also have support from the network of EIS staff that are really looking out for you.”
Jessica Smith, EIS Performance Analyst with GB Boxing

“In Performance Analysis we have forums every few months which involve discussions and guest presenters which is a great opportunity to learn from each other and external people. Whether it’s going on courses or doing a Masters, my development has been very well supported by the EIS.”
Chris Barry, EIS Performance Analyst with British Judo