Useful websites

Listed are a handful of websites which may provide useful information for sports scientists, students, practitioners and people working within the high performance system.

  • Disciplines/Sport Science

  • Physiotherapists:
    Physios in Sport- website.
  • Performance Analysis:
    The video analyst. com- website.
    International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport- website.
    PA training videos- website.
    Excel Tricks for Sports- YouTube channel.
  • Physiology:
    The Physiological Society- website.
    Supporting Champions- website.
    The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences- website.
  • Performance Pathways:
    Performance Pathways Learning Hub- website.
  • Sports Medicine:
    Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine UK- website.
    British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine- website.
  • Nutrition:
    The Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register- website.
  • Performance Lifestyle:
    Jenny Rogers’ book, coaching & mentoring training: website.
    TASS training programme TALS (Talented Athlete Lifestyle Support)- website.
    Mental Health England – website.
    *Performance Lifestyle practitioners would also recommend the BOA/BPA websites (listed below) and the National Governing Body (NGB) individual websites as the discipline always wants potential practitioners to be knowledgeable about the sport they are looking to work with.
  • Performance Innovation:
    Ask Nature: website.
    Radio Lab: website.
    Ted talks: YouTube channel.
    The Decision Lab: website.
    International Sports Engineering Association: website.
    IDEO: website.
    Wired: website.
    It’s Nice That: website.
    For the Interested: website.
    Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and HF: website.
    Simon Sinek – Start with why: website.
    Dezeen: website.
  • Biomechanics:
    International Society of Biomechanics in Sports: website.
    XSens: website.
    Noraxon: website.
    Qualisys: website.
    Quintic: website.
    International Sports Engineering Association: website.