Dr Kevin Currell presents thought-provoking webinar: ‘Performance Support- is it a science?’

On Wednesday 26th September, EIS Head of Technical Development Kevin Currell presented a webinar around ‘Performance Support- is it a science?’ in association with Human Kinetics Europe and BASES.

The webinar aimed to address how support teams for athletes and sports  are now larger than ever. Kevin emphasised how harnessing the knowledge of a multidisciplinary team and applying it to the athlete effectively is the key to success.

Reflecting on his experiences and reflections from over 10 years working at the EIS and through multiple Olympic and Paralympic cycles, Kevin gave advice on the qualities of a great performance support team, discussed the challenges that need to be overcome to be a rounded practitioner and highlighted the importance of bridging the gap between research and practice in sports science.

During the webinar Kevin said: “There is a perception that science is all about numbers. I think science is about so much more. Really great performance support starts with an impactful question.

“You have to be curious about the environment that the coaches and athletes are working in. To be curious you need to establish relationships and at the heart of great performance support is great relationships with coaches, athletes and other support team members.”

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