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Our Purpose

The EIS exists to provide outstanding support that enables sports and athletes to excel. We do this through various types of performance support, including human performance, athlete health, sports medicine, and innovation.

We work with sports throughout the four year cycle, often behind the scenes, but always with a focus on performance.

We have produced a video which reflects our quiet determination to support Britain’s sports and athletes throughout the Olympic and Paralympic cycle.

Our moment
Is graft, is grind, is ideas left behind
Is challenge, is now, is relentlessly how
Is time, is place, is trials that we face
Is soul, is core, is striving for more
Is detail, is thread, is competition left dead
Is spirit, is drive, is belief kept alive
Is us, is unseen, is the power of team
Is pride, is vocation, is us for our nation.
Our moment is four years long.