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We believe in living by our values

The EIS’s values are: Innovation, Collaboration, Excellence.

We believe in living by our values, and we believe these values underpin all of our work.

We describe our values in the following way:


  • We are always a step ahead
  • A culture of questioning, exploration and new opportunities
  • Making it happen
  • Encourage the application of evidence-based projects and ideas


  • We are always focused on the common goal
  • Effective communication across the organisation and wider
  • Collective excellence – sharing knowledge, opinions, ideas, technology, experiences
  • Inclusive culture – everyone is respected and valued for their contribution


  • We believe in being the best we can
  • Pushing boundaries
  • Promoting and challenging global best practice
  • Developing ourselves
  • Reflecting and constantly improving
  • Continual personal and professional development